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New Year’s celebrations from some of the major cities of the world.

Happy new year buddies!!

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everyone i’m attracted to is out of my league and in a different country

Know that feeling!

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sometimes I hate canadian stereotypes but then I remember that my great aunt once fell and broke her hip in the middle of the night and didn’t call anyone until 7am because she didn’t want to disturb anyone

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Unbreakable Spirit by Luisa Rafidi

"Along his journey, Link gained many friendships. All of which reminded him that no matter the odds, he always had something to fight for, and he was never alone. Regardless of how heavy his equipment or how strong the pressure was, Link’s friendships helped carry the weight of his courage. With undying determination and support from his friends, Link was ready to face any and all adversities, always with a smile."


Leverage 30 Day Challenge | Day 19: Favourite Flashback


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captain adorable

#what a joke

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Reblog if you’re a fan of Jennifer Lawrence.


Let’s see how many people on tumblr like love her.


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to everyone with finals and exams and big projects due very very soon and haven’t started anything yet


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“There is just too many of them!”

—   Myself


these are like some of my favorite posts from tumblr dot com

you can find the other parts here :)

Some of them are so funny!

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"She reminds me of Prim.”

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Everybody do that!

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